A: The ONE Planet ONE Chance Reusable Cup System is operated by Event Cup Solutions, a sister company of Event Hire UK, one of the leading companies in this sector.  With over 100 staff across multiple hubs around the UK, we have the infrastructure to be able to deliver a world-class service

The ONE Planet ONE Chance Reusable Cup System team are proud WINNERS of the Green Supplier & Innovation Award, voted for by industry professionals at Vision:2025 at The Showman’s Show 2021. We were also shortlisted for the ‘Green Supplier’ award at the Festival Supplier Awards 2022 and also the ‘Sustainability In Sport’ award at the Sports Business Awards 2022.

A: Our HQ is in Middlesbrough in the North East of England, and we also operate other regional wash centres in the West Midlands and in London.  This ‘local’ presence not only means we can provide you with a highly efficient service, but also helps to reduce our carbon footprint.

A: Primarily festival organisers, sports stadiums & venues, large scale events, concert venues and the hospitality sector.

A: No problem! You can call us on 01642 917 490 – we would be delighted to here from you!


A: You can’t have failed to notice the media campaigns around the damage caused to the environment and our oceans by single-use plastic. A truck load of plastic waste enters the oceans every single minute because our global waste system cannot cope with the volume we are producing.

Climate change is happening because of emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) generated by human activity. Climate change represents the biggest threat to our planet, to the human race and to wildlife. The average temperature of the planet has increased by 1.5°c in the last 200 years, and we are on course for a further 2°c temperature increase by 2100. Unless immediate action is taken, this will cause irreversible devastation, sea level rise and acidification of oceans which will result in flooding and extreme weather patterns causing massive disruption to human life.  Our use of resources is at an unprecedented rate, and our way of life leads to the production of unsustainable levels of waste.

Switching to a sustainable reusable solution to replace single-use packaging is a positive contribution to reducing GHG emissions and ultimately being kinder to our planet.

A: Yes, the company that owns and operates the ONE Planet ONE Chance Reusable Cup System – Event Cup Solutions – is indeed Climate Partner certified.

If a company or product is ClimatePartner certified, it means that the relevant greenhouse gas emissions have been calculated, reduction targets have been defined and implemented, climate projects have been financed, and the whole climate action strategy has been transparently communicated. All five steps are made transparent through the ClimatePartner certified label and the corresponding climate-ID page.

This ClimatePartner certified company status provides you with transparency and confidence in our journey to net-zero.

A: Yes they are, and on an ever-increasing level. Recent research shows that 83% of festival-goers expect the festivals they attend to be tackling their environmental impact, and 24% of festival-goers say that they would be more likely to attend a particular festival if its carbon footprint was demonstrably lower than another.  Therefore, by embracing a reusable system, you are not only helping the environment, but you are also encouraging more visitors by the ever-increasingly eco-conscious visitor.

A: Most definitely. It’s now the expectation!

A: A deposit-return system is indeed something that is associated with reusable cups systems.  However, many bar operators feel that this leads to wasted time and effort, and also leads to long queues at the bar with customers queueing to get their deposit back at the end of the event.  The ONE Planet ONE Chance Reusable Cup System is designed so that you can use the system at your event how you best see fit.  Some operate a deposit scheme with the option to donate to a designated charity or foundation associated with the sports club or event, whilst others don’t operate a deposit scheme at all.  The system is flexible to suit your needs!

A: That’s been the mindset up until now, yes.  People know that they should be moving towards a reusable system, but it has been problematic.  That’s why the ONE Planet ONE Chance Reusable Cup System was born.

Yes, there most definitely is.  Countries around the world, including the UK and the EU have proposed and passed various legislations to discourage the use of single-plastics, imposing taxes and other levies along with extended producer responsibilities.  Therefore, reusable cup systems offer a sustainable and affordable solution to this.  We’d be delighted to talk to you about this legislation in more detail – just call us on 01642 917 490.


This very much depends upon quantities of single-use plastic cups that you are currently using, and the effectiveness of the reusable cup system you are considering. We would be delighted to talk you through the costings associated with cups at your event or festival, so don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01642 917 490.

A: Our cups are made of either polypropylene or polycarbonate, both of which are types of plastic. Polypropylene cups can be washed in excess of 300+ times, and are lightweight, stackable and made in the EU.  Our polycarbonate cups can be washed 500+ times and are made in the UK. They are 100% reusable and recyclable, back into the closed loop manufacturing process. 

A: We offer pint cups and half pint cups for cold drinks, as well as reusable coffee cups.  However, if you have a specific requirement, please contact us.

A: Our premium option is a fully inclusive price with no charge for losses. Included in the price of this premium option is our unique ONE Planet ONE Chance CUP CREW who will be deployed on site for the entire event to manage the supply of cups to bars on site, remove used cups from collection points as well as collect discarded cups which keeps your site nice and tidy! We will also make sure you NEVER RUN OUT OF CUPS! Please call us on 01642 917 490 to discuss the bespoke pricing for your event.

A: Yes, we also offer our standard service which includes delivery, collection, cup rental and washing. This is for smaller events where the need for Cup Crews and cup return points isn’t required.  Please call us on 01642 917 490 to discuss the bespoke pricing for your event.

A:  Unwanted loss charges often occur with other reusable schemes, making it impossible to know the price that you’re paying until after the event. The great thing about the ONE Planet ONE Chance Reusable Cup System is that there are no hidden loss charges for you to pay with our premium service.

No, because this is exactly the scenario we are trying to move clients way from.  Why?  Because as soon as you put your logo onto areusable cup, they become a lot more attractive for people to take home with them and, as a result, they therefore become a very expensive single use plastic cup as they end up at the back of people’s cupboards and then, later, in landfill.  Research shows that if you put your logo onto a cup, then your loss rate could be as much as 40%, making it expensive to you. With our generic ONE Planet ONE Chance cups, many of our clients see loss rates of less than 10% – there is a huge difference.  We want you to say “NO!” to souvenir / fan cups.


A: As much as possible! Demand is high, especially around the peak summer season and so our advice would be to book us in as soon as you know your event dates.  It’s always easier to tweak requirements nearer the time than it is to leave everything until the last minute!

We will review each project on a case-by-case basis and, as such, there is no official MOQ to qualify for the premium service.  Please call us on 01642 917 490 to discuss your event requirements in detail.

A: A 10% deposit is invoiced at the time of booking confirmed. 80% is payable 7 days before the start date of the event. The balance is invoiced within 7 days of the event end date and payable within 30 days. Any tote boxes returned with ECS cable ties unbroken above the 90% deposit rate are not charged for.

A: We accept bank transfer, and also company PO.

A: If the event is cancelled due to Government restrictions, the deposit is refundable. In all other circumstances, the deposit is non-refundable.

A: The whole idea of this system is that it uses the generic ONE Planet ONE Chance environmental message and encourages positive user behaviour at your event.  It is not a fan cup or souvenir cup.  Therefore, you are not able to brand the cups with your own logo with our reusable cup system.


A: We deliver all of our cups in hygienic tote crates which are sealed using Event Cup Solutions cable ties. This gives you the assurance that the cups are clean and are stored in clean boxes.

A: For pints, there are 240 cups in a tote box and 25 tote boxes on a pallet, making a total of 6,000 cups per pallet.  For half pints, there are 360 cups in a tote box and 25 tote boxes on a pallet, making a total of 9,000 cups per pallet.

A: No, you don’t have to give the cups back clean.  We wash these for you!

A: We have full control over logistics and management of the system.  Therefore, we use only our own trucks and our own people, providing you with a 100% reliable delivery and collection service that you can trust.

A: Our dedicated cup crew on site will distribute the required amount of cups to the various bars and kiosks around your site with the minimum of fuss, all as part of our managed service.

A: Absolutely.  We have hundreds of thousands of reusable cups in stock at any one time.  We also have four wash centres around the UK, capable of washing over a million cups each week. You can rest assured that we have the necessary infrastructure to provide you with a seamless service!

We own all of our wash centres, we have the largest capacity of any provider in the UK, our wash centres are manned by our team. Our machines consume 90kwh of electricity and uses only 25ml of water to wash every cup. We offset our carbon emissions fully to ensure your reusable cup system is carbon-neutral.

A: At the end of each event, we count any crates which have the cable ties still in place and advise your team as to the quantities. We have a simple reconciliation form which details total cups/crates delivered, total cups/crates  returned for washing, total cups/crates unused…all of this allows us to calculate our losses. Projects which are fully managed under the Premium Service do not pay for losses. The Standard Service does not cover loss charges and these are invoiced at the rate agreed.


A: This means that we manage every aspect of your reusable cups for you, providing you with a completely hassle-free solution.  It includes everything from delivering and collecting the cups to and from your site in our own trucks with our own drivers, through to distributing the cups around the site.  It also includes point of sale, cup collection bins and cup return points on site as well as marketing support in the lead up to and during your event.

A: Yes.  We actively encourage you to use the ONE Planet ONE Chance branding as part of your pre-show communications about the reusable cup system, whether this is in press releases, on your social media channels or on your website, for example.

A: Ultimately, we want to be part of your team and so our marketing team will be happy to work with you and provide support if you need it,  It’s free, and all part of the service! Once you have agreed the commercials of your deal with our sales team, our marketing team will contact you for a virtual ‘onboarding’ meeting to discuss joint PR, social media activity and content creation.

Whilst it’s very easy to operate the system, we are sometimes able to visit you in advance of your first activation and run through everything with your bar operators and facilities management team.  Please speak to us about this.