Can I buy or hire branded reusable cups with our festival logo?

Can I buy or hire branded reusable cups with our festival logo?

branded reusable cups

One of the main features of the ONE Planet ONE Chance® Reusable Cup System is that it is designed to disrupt the current model when it comes to branded reusable cups.

This is because, let’s face it, what is out there at the moment doesn’t work. Large-scale event and festival organisers have known for years that they SHOULD be moving away from single use plastic cups for serving drinks at their events, but reusables have always been seen as being complicated and expensive, compared to the single use plastic model that is cheap and easy.

This ‘change’ of thinking, is very obvious when we talk to organisers in the sector who see reusable cups and then think ‘great – I wonder how much it is to buy or hire branded reusable cups with my logo’. And this is exactly what we are trying to move away from.

Consider this. You’re a large, well-known festival, and you’ve brought into the reusable cup concept. You then put your festival logo on the side of the cup. And these branded reusable cups look great. And therein lies the issue.

Because it looks great, the chances are that your visitors, once they have paid their £1 or £2 deposit for the cup, at the end of the event or festival will simply stick it in their pocket and take it home – after all, it’s a nice souvenir of being at your event, for a small amount of money. Once they get home, the cup goes into their kitchen cupboard, only to be thrown away some years later when they do a spring-clean or move house. OK, so this is a massive generalisation, but you get the idea…

Worse still, how about putting your festival logo on the branded reusable cups along with a date such as 2021, for instance – even more attractive for someone to take home. And, as the organiser, you may well find yourself in the position of having purchased reusable cups with the date on, that has now passed and so the cups are worthless.

If this rings true and these are scenarios you are looking to avoid, then the ONE Planet ONE Chance® Reusable Cup System is for you.

Branded reusable cups but NOT with your logo

Our ONE pints and half pints are branded, yes, but not with YOUR event logo. They are branded with the green message ONE Planet ONE Chance which encourages positive user behaviour at your event, and is generic enough for your customers to NOT take it home as a fan or souvenir cup. Better still, the mechanism of how the reusable cup system works is on the back, which ties in with the POS and marketing support assets which we provide to you as part of our turnkey package when it comes to our reusable cup system.

So, in a nutshell, it’s the souvenir / fan cup branded reusable cups model that we deliberately aim to disrupt, as it doesn’t work financially for festival organisers, nor does it work with the environment.

The complete reusable cup system for festivals & events

We’re confident that almost all festival and event organisers are wanting to do the right thing and move to greener, eco cups. And they will certainly be getting even more of a nudge in this direction when incoming legislation and taxation arrives for single use plastics in the next year or so. And if you are committed to a more sustainable future, then the ONE Planet ONE Chance® Reusable Cup System offers you an affordable, hassle-free solution. Even better, it’s easy for both you and your customers to understand.

Yes, you can buy branded reusable cups from other companies, but this isn’t the route we’re going down. We believe in the system, as do fellow industry professionals, and so we’ll look forward to hearing from you to discuss how our reusable cup system can be employed at your next event or festival.

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