The UK’s only carbon neutral reusable cup system

The UK’s only carbon neutral reusable cup system

carbon neutral reusable cup system

In today’s blog, we’re looking more in-depth at our carbon neutral reusable cup system. This is a blog where the title really says it all! The COVID pandemic brought with it a lot of things to a lot of people. Many were furloughed, and certainly the vast majority of the events and hospitality sector were indeed casualties of this.

It not only brought job uncertainty, but of course worse still was the undoubted effect that it had on individuals, families, loved ones and society at large. There’s certainly lessons to be learned from the past couple of years, and it’s pleasing to see us starting to return to a sense of normality, even though this dreadful disease is still amongst us.

The pandemic also brought with it a time to reflect. For our team, it was a chance to analyse the event and festival sector. Whilst everyone in the sector is aware of the need to move away from single use plastic (and quickly!), we felt that the reusable cup solutions out there in the market just weren’t up to scratch and were both confusing and expensive, especially for large-scale events.

Our reusable cup system is born!

That’s why the ONE Planet ONE Chance® carbon neutral reusable cup system was born, in an attempt to move reusable cups from being complicated and expensive through to be being easy and affordable for festival and event organisers…whilst being environmentally friendly and carbon-neutral at the same time – a carbon neutral reusable cup system!

Our ONE Planet ONE Chance brand was an integral part of this process. Whilst we hate to coin the phrase of ‘brainstorming’, the brand was born out of these types of discussions between the stakeholders in the business. It needed to be a generic brand which reinforced positive user behaviour at an event, whilst not being attractive enough for people to stick the cup in their pocket and take home – after all, this is the exact model we are trying to disrupt! Suffice to say that we’re extremely proud (and protective!) of our ONE brand. We really do think that it says it all, in a clear, concise and engaging manner for everyone who sees and uses it.

Our carbon neutral reusable cup system for festivals & events

Naturally, living in a world where ‘green’, ‘eco’, ‘environment’ and ‘sustainability’ are now part of our day-to-day vocabulary (or at least should be!), it was also important to us to ensure that our system was carbon-neutral. Whilst the suppliers of the cups in the first instance are carbon-neutral through their own activities, we wanted to ensure that our activities were also going to be carbon-neutral, from both our own social responsibility angle and also for that of our clients…as you would expect from a carbon neutral reusable cup system!

That’s why we collaborate with SQSTR who, for every 1,000 cups that are returned at your event to us, will plant a tree. Complete transparency is also important here, of course, and so we have certification and grid-references for the planted trees in the UK. For more information on this, you can simply visit our FAQs page here on our website. As we know, trees are great for the sequestration of carbon out of the atmosphere and so there’s natural synergy for what both SQSTR and ourselves are trying to achieve.

So, that’s a bit about how our carbon neutral reusable cup system came to life and how it works. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how you can engage with the UK’s only carbon neutral reusable cup system at your festival or event in 2022 and beyond!

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