New ONE cup activation at Durham Cricket

New ONE cup activation at Durham Cricket

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We’re delighted to announce our latest reusable ONE cup activation with Durham Cricket at the Riverside cricket ground.

The ground has a capacity of 15,000, and plays host to Durham County Cricket Club, as well as having hosted various international cricket matches over the years.

Here at ONE Planet ONE Chance, as well as at Durham CCC now, we say NO to souvenir cups. Why? Because even though a ‘reusable cup system’ might be in operation, these branded cups have the logo on them, which makes them super-collectible by fans and visitors. Therefore, are they truly ‘reusable’? Probably not, being as the chances are that they will go home with the visitor, put into a cupboard and barely used again.

Our ONE Planet ONE Chance reusable cups have a generic eco message on them, which encourages positive user behaviour on site, to ensure that reusable rates are high, and loss rates are low. Indeed, many of our clients see loss rates lower than just 5%.

So, we very pleased that Durham CCC have engaged with our reusable cup system, which will provide them with a sustainable, cost-effect and easily manageable reusable cup system moving forward.

If you are a large event or venue needing to migrate to a reusable cup system, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team today, who will be delighted to discuss your specific event requirements with you in more detail.

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