As a festival organiser, should we use reusable festival cups to help promote our eco-credentials?

As a festival organiser, should we use reusable festival cups to help promote our eco-credentials?

reusable festival cups

Today we look at reusable festival cups and how these can contribute to your festival’s wider sustainability responsibilities. In an ever-changing world where sustainability now MUST be at the top of everyone’s agendas, it goes without saying that festival organisers should be promoting their eco credentials as much as possible. Indeed, this is now the expectation!

For those organisers who don’t think that it makes much of a difference whether you promote your eco credentials or not, you might want to think again after you’ve checked out some consumer research below, recently carried out by the CGA in the UK.

This includes:
83% of festival goers expect all the festivals they attend to tackle their environmental impacts.
82% of festival goers expect the festivals they attend to be sustainable within their locality.
24% of festival-goers said they’d be more likely to attend a festival if its carbon footprint were demonstrably lower than its competitors.

If you’re shocked by these numbers, then you really shouldn’t be. The main demographic of people attending festivals means that your customer base is environmentally conscious. And according to these stats, if you’re not too fussed about your carbon footprint, you can expect footfall to be seriously down next year.

How you promote your eco credentials is completely down to you. You might already have a PR team who can push this for you, or get it on a banner on your website, and certainly shout about it on social media. After all, going down the sustainable route does require effort and attention, and so why not shout it from the rooftops!

Your eco credentials could be to do with power generation and distribution, food service, ticketing, lanyards or reusable festival cups, for instance (actually, ALL of these would be good!).

When it comes to reusable festival cups, a system such as the ONE Planet ONE Chance® Reusable Cup System is carbon-neutral and is definitely something that should be communicated to your visitors both pre-event and during the event. Of course, it’s important from an eco point of view, but in order to get the most of this reusable cup system, you need to make visitors aware of it before they even arrive at site. Communicate and engage with your customers about reusable festival cups!

The marketing team here ONE Planet ONE Chance® are able to assist you with your reusable festival cups system promotion. We can supply you with social media graphics talking about the system and how it works, along with a GIF for your use on social media before the event and during the event on the screens and EPOS on the bars. It might be, of course, that you have your own team who can work on this – if this is the case, then fine. We can supply you with the marketing assets to produce promotional materials for your festival, in line with our and your brand guidelines. We’re here to help!

And whilst we’re quoting stats, check this out below:

Top 5 items festival goers think organisers should limit at festivals
62% Single-use plastic straws
61% Single-use plastic cups
54% Single-use plastic food trays
52% Plastic bags
51% Single-use plastic cutlery

It goes without saying, therefore, that a reusable festival cups system is a great place to start, to move away from single use plastic cups. The ONE Planet ONE Chance® Reusable Cup System is ideal for this purpose, providing you with a carbon-neutral system whereby we will plant a tree for every 1,000 cups returned!

Don’t hesitate to get in contact today to discuss your requirements when it comes to reusable festival cups, and move towards a more environmentally sound and sustainable future. We look forward to hearing from you.

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