What is carbon sequestration with your reusable cup scheme?

What is carbon sequestration with your reusable cup scheme?

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In today’s blog, we’re looking at how carbon sequestration is a vital element of our reusable cup scheme. The COP26 climate change conference taking place in Glasgow certainly helps to increase awareness of climate change and the environment. You can’t fail to have seen the headlines coming out of the event from world leaders saying that now is not the time for plans, now is the time for action. The issue of sustainability has been on many people’s agendas for a number of years, but many still only pay lip service to their responsibilities.

We are now out of time, and we have to act now to avoid irreversible damage for generations to come. Indeed, it won’t be us paying for our lack of action, it will be our children and grandchildren, and future generations to come, who will see the impact of global warming and the devastating effect it will have on the world’s population at large.

There’s a whole host of articles on the BBC website around the COP26 summit. One that caught our interest was an article on the amount of carbon emitted as a result of world leaders flying to Glasgow in private jets. It’s an interesting debate, isn’t it, about how effective an online, virtual climate change summit would be compared to the one taking place face-to-face.

Of course, COP26 looks at how Governments and individual countries can work together to reduce carbon emissions, amongst other things. On our level, however, all we can do as companies and individuals in society is to try to live our lives and run our daily operations in as carbon-neutral a way as possible. To coin a phrase, “every little helps”.

Here at the ONE Planet ONE Chance® Reusable Cup System, one of the benefits of working with our reusable cup scheme is the fact that it is carbon-neutral, which definitely makes it stand out from the crowd. Our whole reusable cup scheme is based on carbon sequestration. But what is this?

Reusable cup scheme & carbon sequestration

Carbon sequestration is the act of absorbing carbon from the atmosphere and is a natural product of tree growth. As a tree grows, it absorbs carbon and so removes it from the atmosphere. Of course, not only does planting a tree help with carbon sequestration, but it also brings with a whole host of other benefits from an ecosystem and wildlife point of view, providing a natural habitat for many species.

How much carbon a tree sequesters depends upon the type of tree planted, but to give you an idea, a broadleaf tree will sequester around 0.17 tonnes of carbon over its lifetime, whilst a conifer will sequester around 0.11 tonnes of carbon.

Here at ONE Planet ONE Chance® Reusable Cup System, working with SQSTR, we plant a tree for every 1,000 cups returned to us on site at your event. This helps towards your environmental responsibilities as well as simply ‘doing the right thing’. The Woodland Carbon Code independently verify all of our projects, and trees planted have grid references and certification to back up the scheme. It’s an integral part of our reusable cup scheme!

SQSTR are dedicated to providing a sustainable future for the planet through the reduction of carbon in the environment and passionate about bringing environmental and sustainable change to the UK, and assisting businesses to become carbon-neutral.

So, it’s easy to see why and how carbon sequestration is a key element in our reusable cup scheme offering.

To discuss how we can implement the ONE Planet ONE Chance® Reusable Cup System together with you and your event, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email to start the discussions. Our team look forward to hearing from you to engage with our reusable cup scheme and work towards a greener, more sustainable future together.

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