Reusable cups for hot and cold drinks at the Cosford Food Festival 2022

Reusable cups for hot and cold drinks at the Cosford Food Festival 2022

Billed as being THE summer event for all foodies and street food fans, the recent Cosford Food Festival was a weekend packed full of artisan food stalls, street food and drink accompanied by a colourful programme for everyone. Visitors were able to sample some of the region’s best cooked dishes and tastiest treats!

Our team is delighted to be working closely alongside the RAF Museum and all their associated events such as the Cosford Food Festival, for example, as we move together along their sustainability journey. Of course, reusable cups are just a small part of this, but important nonetheless, as we strive to eliminate single use plastic cups and food packaging from events, large and small, through reusable cups and reusable food containers.

New reusable cups for coffee for festivals, stadiums & events

The Cosford Food Festival saw our ONE Planet ONE Chance pints and half pints in operation, as well as our new reusable coffee cups. These coffee cups are insulated, meaning that the contents on the inside are kept hot, whilst keeping the outside cool-to-touch. More importantly, these reusable coffee cups are 100% reusable and recyclable, and are perfect for events such as these. These reusable cups for coffee also carry the same, consistent message on the reverse of the cup, encouraging people to return their cup into one of the reusable cup bins when they have finished with it, in the same way as they would their cold drink pints and half pints. And, better still, these coffee cups can be placed into the same bins as the cold drink cups, to keep everything simple and straightforward as part of the overall ‘waste’ management.

If you are an event organiser looking to engage with a reusable cups system as part of your sustainability and eco-drive, then don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today, where one of our experts will be delighted to discuss your specific event requirements with you in more detail.

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